What do we do at One-Two-Tree ?

At One-Two-Tree, we run forest school and environmental education sessions specifically designed with achievable tasks for the group. The sessions are led and initiated by the participants. Activities range depending on the group, they could include:

  • Use of hand tools
  • Walking along slippery logs
  • Getting muddy
  • Cooking on a fire
  • Making natural arts and crafts
  • Playing number or word games
  • Learning about different types of tree
  • Getting stuck in

Above all, our sessions are fun, making learning easier!

What are the benefits of One-Two-Tree’s sessions ?

  • Gives participants access to experiences above and beyond everyday life
  • Learning to assess risk and to make your own judgement
  • They are inclusive and empowering
  • Enhanced self confidence and self belief
  • Stimulated imagination
  • Promotes a can do attitude
  • Develops relationships with peers and adults
  • Develops new skills to use again and again in everyday life
  • Self absorbing tasks - forget the stresses of everyday life
  • Development of social, physical and emotional skills
  • Team work - groups work together to achieve the same goal.

Repetition of woodland visits is recommended to truly build on these skills. We recommend a minimum of 6 visits.

How do we do it ?

  • We carefully plan sessions with the people involved
  • All sessions are supervised by fully qualified and enthusiastic leaders
  • We observe and facilitate rather than dictate.
  • Individual learning styles are used to guide the task
  • We give positive encouragement
  • We always discuss the task and any risk associated with it. The students are given responsibility to decide if they feel confident and appropriately equipped to take on the task
  • We are always on hand to quietly intervene if we feel that inappropriate risk is being taken
  • We evaluate all sessions before moving to the next one with a group

What is Forest School ?

Forest school is an inspirational process that was originally developed in Scandinavia. It was brought to the UK in the 1950’s. Forest School is suitable for all ages, from 6 months to 100 years old.