Schools and Groups

Who do we work with ?

We work with:
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Student Centres
  • Home Schooling Groups
  • Playgroups/Nurseries
  • Youth and Community groups/Non-Educational Organisations

One-Two-Tree sessions complement and sit within your own curriculum. They are an essential part of your weekly timetable and can provide children with additional skills to those learnt in a classroom. For some teachers and/or leaders stepping outside the classroom doors, into an unfamiliar environment, is a bit uncomfortable, we aim to set your mind at ease.

Prior to the sessions we will meet with teachers and the pupils. We will agree on individual sessions to suit your learning outcomes and targets but deliver and facilitate them outside. All our sessions are linked to the National Curriculum as well as providing additional skills.

What do we do ?

One-Two-Tree, run forest school and environmental education sessions which complement personal and social development, general behaviour and wellbeing in children of all ages. Simultaneously all of our sessions provide the opportunity to develop personal confidence, improved health and fitness and psychological well being through positive encouragement. The real benefit is that all of this is achieved whilst remaining within the scope of the national curriculum, making it an invaluable opportunity to obtain some truly great life skills.

When should you come ?

For students to get the most out of their experience we recommend one half day session per week for 6 weeks.

We also run one-off half day or full day taster sessions or celebration days such as end of term. We run sessions all through the year – there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing! (See our recommended list here.)

What do Estyn and Ofsted think of Outdoor learning ?

They love it!

It's really that simple, but for a more detailed rundown of Estyn/Ofsted's views, please click here.

Health and Safety

We are fully insured and will write risk assessments for the activities relevant to each session.

Please note that during the sessions you will remain responsible for the welfare, behaviour, Health and Safety and Staff to Child ratios of your class.